How does it work?

How does it work?

How does it work?

Around Good People organises Experiential-Learning dentistry placements broadly grouped under two categories:

  1. Volunteering Dentistry Projects in rural areas
  2. Dentistry Elective projects in both urban and rural areas.
  1. Volunteering Dentistry Projects in rural areas: This is a marquee flagship programme run by AGP volunteering placement projects in rural communities that brings oral healthcare delivery to uncovered areas. This is basically a supervised hands-on volunteering project.
  2.  Dentistry Elective Projects (in both urban and rural areas) are the most popular elective placements. The placements are fully supervised and well-structured to suit the rigorous academic and ethical requirements of many dental schools in the western countries based on as observational and handholding by practicing dentists. The following placements are essentially designed to be the elective projects:

It takes 3 to 5 working days for AGP to process your application for technical suitability and regulatory due diligence checks. Once the Agency approves the application considering your suitability they issue the Approval Intimation.

Upon obtaining the same, AGP issues the Approval Letter and the invoice electronically. After the receipt of your programme fee, you will be sent out a formal Invitation along with the following:

  1. Volunteer Handbook
  2. Clinic Manual
  3. Nepal Country Guide Book

These booklets contain important and all pertinent information to help you prepare for the trip.

Upon the receipt of your placement fee, AGP keeps engaged with you through a dedicated real-time platform ‘MY Nepal TRIP, sharing all relevant information pertaining to your placement. Vital information about your inoculation, flights, health insurance and Medical Indemnity Cover will be monitored through the platform to help in Just 2 weeks before your departure, you will get the detailed itinerary about the outreach placement through ‘My Nepal Trip’

On arrival you will be received at the Kathmandu International Airport by our representative.

Elective Project

  1. Rural Dental Outreach Elective Project
  2. Rural School Oral Health Elective Project
  3. Urban Dental Hospital/Private Practice
  4. Urban School Oral Health Elective Project


  1. You may apply online, or
  2. You may fill out the downloaded application form.

You will need to submit the following:

  1. a) Recent passport photo
  2. b) Valid international passport
  3. c) Valid Medical Indemnity Protection Cover.
  4. d) University ID copy

Fill out the application and submit attaching the aforementioned documents online. Or send the filled out application form by email to: placement@aroundgoodpeople.com

You may also separately send the documents if not available at the time of the submission of the application. However, you have to mention clearly the expected date of submission of the same.

You will be welcomed into the first night of your stay in Kathmandu. There will be a programme orientation followed by a welcome dinner. If as per your placement itinerary you have your 2nd day in Kathmandu, there will be an immersive workshop on Nepalese dental phrases and cultural orientation. The following day (either 2nd or 3rd day) we either fly or ride to the destination by road whichever is convenient. The 2nd /3rd day we arrive at the village and get the village/accommodation orientation followed by clinic set up orientation, discussion on the clinic operational procedures and in-situ demonstration of the triage/screening of the patients/handling of various dental equipment and tools/supplies, clinical procedures of various conditions/complaints and set clinical operandi of the treatments. There will be activities of culture/folk dance, etc./games/hamlet trips every day at the outreach village. On the eve of the last day, there will be a farewell dinner and photo ops. The volunteers will be transported back to Kathmandu for their onward trip back to home. The outreach is fully supervised by experienced dentists and assisted by dental nurses.