Holiday & Adventure

Holiday & Adventure

Nepal is synonymous with holidays and adventure sports. While here, why not soak it all in? There are a myriad of activities for you to choose from depending on what you’d like to indulge in. A word with us and we will provide you with expert advice on how to make the best of your time and maximize your value for money. We want to facilitate your total Nepali experience, so here are some of the adventure activities you can do.


Nepal is the ultimate superlative of trekking destination. Every year thousands of tourists of all ages troop in to Nepal to trek in and around the famous mountain range – The Himalayas. Of the many classic trekking areas the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang regions have some of the most popular trails that can be done in 3-14 days. There are myriad choices of doing these suiting your pockets, fitness level and the time available for you to dedicate.


Nepal is just not the Himalayan snow peaks. We have a unique landscape with the mountains on the North, hills in between and the terai (flat lands) in the south. For vacation seekers who love wildlife, the Chitwan National Park is the legend! You can do the elephant back safari or the jeep safari and explore the wild. The highlight of the safari is spotting rhinos, deer, crocodile, wild boar, tigers (rare). And for a treat you can also bathe the elephants and play around the elephant babies. The safari also includes traditional dance, canoeing, bird watching, etc.

Rafting and Canoeing

If you’re up for some thrill in the river, you need to gear up and head to the rapids. Nepal offers an outstanding selection of rivers for you to rumble on those waves. Rafting is a half day, full day or an overnight activity that may not sweep you off the boat, but will surely sweep you off your feet.You can also get into the wilderness and try canoeing in some of the most untouched and hidden parts of Nepal.


We have all, at one time dreamt of flying high and have often wished we had wings. Some dreams do come true and some wishes fulfilled. Paragliding in Pokhara is one of the most fantasized activity where colorful parachutes flies from a top of the hills hovering around the green valley with the snow-capped mountain backdrop and lands right next to the pristine blue lake. The 20 – 30 mins flight gives you an aerial tour of Pokhara city and an experience you will cherish lifelong. If you want to add in a bit of adventure here, you can also opt to do para-hawking and fly with the vultures, literally!

Ultra Light Flights (Microflight)

Is a two-seated small aircraft with powered engine designed to carry no more than two people (pilot and passenger), with a maximum fuel capacity of 90 liters and a total weight of less than 600kg, including fuel and persons onboard. People fly Ultralights because it is FUN! Ultralight flights are considered as recreational aviation flight for people who enjoy adventures. You can film and take clear photos of nature from the bird’s eye view while flying an Ultralight. Leave your woes behind, soar to the heights, bathe in the clouds, reach out for the mountains and kiss the azure sky. It’s a life time experience.

Everest Mountain Flight

You don’t have to climb the Everest to see her majesty, an easy 45 minutes flight will take you above Everest and the mighty Himalayan ranges around. The Everest flight is very popular among the intrepid travelers – this scenic flight not only gives you a breath taking view of the Himalayas but takes you right into it. Trust us, you will be talking about it for a long time. The Everest mountain flight operators will also award you the Official Certificate of having seen the Mt Everest! On completion of your mountain flight!

Bunjee Jump

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want to take the leap and jump off the bridge 160 meters high, then bungee must be your thing. There are 2 bungee jump places: one 80 kms away from Kathmandu and another near Pokhara. This super charged jump will definitely be on the list of one of the most scariest/adventurous thing you’ve done.