Food Accommodation

Food Accommodation

In the villages where we conduct the Dental Outreach, we have different types of accomodation depending on the ground conditions/changing environment. Some places we have tented (2man/3 man) accommodation and while in other areas we have home stays with the host families from the outreach hamlet. In bigger ethnic tribal villages, we rent moderate size houses that will fit our team and renovate (makeover) it accordingly to suit our needs to build our private Around Good People accommodation in a traditional Nepalese style. These are done after conducting a thorough safety assessment as safety and security is our primary concern. As most village houses are very basic, we construct additional facilities like toilets and showers and add amenities (like hot showers). Though temporarily set up, there will be expansive social areas for you to unwind, catch up and relax.

The village acccomodation will be within walking distance from the temporary clinic, and often stunning views will be available from outside your tent/home stay window. Other than tents, the bedrooms will be single-sex shared between two/three people, with shared toilets and bathrooms outside.

We believe knowing a culture is through food! Gastronomy is all about happiness ! We will have a full time Chef, assisted by other catering staff to take care of your dietary requirements and fill you up after a big day! We truly understand that great food is one of the most important aspects of the trip, and our experienced chefs will provide as best to your palate as possible. There will be a scrumptious mix of both local and western dishes catering to all your dietary requirements both during breakfast and dinner. Meanwhile, a more basic lunch will be provided at a local eatery each day, near where the temporary clinic will be based.

Clean bottled drinking water will be available.

* Part of signing up for the outreach is an adventure in itself. We request you to put luxury behind and experience basic yet comfortable, fulfilling and a life changing experience of Nepalese encounter.