Placement Fee =  Registration Fee + Programme Fee

1. Registration Fee

USD 409
AUD 550
EURO 360
GBP 313

2. Program Fee

1 Week Each Extra Week
USD 1400 400
AUD 1790 510
EURO 1140 325
GBP 990 285

Program Fees include:

  • Food (3 major meals & as many snacks)
  • Accomodation
  • In-country orientation/Training
  • In-country staff support
  • Language Help
  • Registration fees

AGP recognizes the importance of a strong support network in a foreign country thousands of miles from home. We provide a single point of contact for families at home, while onsite, each volunteer is matched with a program coordinator and a mentor. The coordinator typically lives in the volunteer residence in the rural based projects and is responsible for smooth day-to-day operations, while the mentor works with volunteers in a professional capacity.

AGP’s top concern is keeping our volunteers safe during their stay. As such, we thoroughly vet all properties we purchase or lease to ensure that they are in the towns’ safest areas, typically with easy access to major roads,  and work assignments. We offer volunteers modern dormitory-style accommodations with air conditioning, maid service, and laundry service. Our full-time security team is available to help with off-site trip planning and escorts.

AGP employs chefs from nearby resorts to prepare nutritious local cuisine that volunteers will find both healthy and delicious. We also offer the comforts of home cooking through occasional Western fare. We provide three full meals a day and can accommodate special nutritional needs.

AGP provides volunteers with shared, daily roundtrip transportation to placement sites in addition to arrival/departure airport transfers. Safe, reliable transportation is also available for leisure and personal trips at reasonable rates to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all volunteers.

AGP believes that an elective student needs to be culturally immersed to make sense of the placement in a cultural context. Nepal is an ancient country with a unique history of never being under a foreign rule. Food, music, yoga and a guided trip to the UNESCO world heritage sights through our facilitators offers a unique insider’s experience of Nepal – it people and culture.

A language expert and a Cultural Facilitator prepares the student to be able to equipped with a functional Nepali language skills while at the hospital or village project placement. Nepali dental phrases are taught in a fun and role play way.

The placement deploys a designated supervisor for the elective placement at the place of work. Further, important placement related dental supplies are also supplied by AGP to make the engagement a meaning experience as the likelihood of shortage of very basic dental supplies could dent the placement outcomes.

AGP ensures that its volunteers are fully informed and prepared before beginning their overseas experience. As such, we offer two types of orientation programs: one led by a program coordinator regarding the local area, and the other geared toward the work environment, including hospital operations, safety protocols, sanitation requirements, and specific terminology.

We offer unlimited Wi-Fi access from the volunteer residences for use during the program.

Required fees to utilize hospital facilities – often additional with other companies – are all included in the program fee. Our contracts also provide participants with priority access to specific areas of the hospital in which they have an interest in practicing.

Following the conclusion of each placement, volunteers will be asked to discuss their experiences with the program’s  staff. This feedback on likes, dislikes, and suggestions is used as a basis for further improvements to the program.

Program Fees does not include:

  • International/ Domestic Flights
  • Insurance
  • Aerated/alcoholic drinks
  • Visa Fees
  • Private transportation
  • Extra accommodation outside the program days
  • Trekking/adventure sports/safari/paragliding

Around Good People strives to be transparent about how your contribution is spent. We understand you’ve worked hard to raise the funds for your project and we think you’re entitled to know how we spend it. Whilst it’s impossible to give you an exact breakdown in each individual case, we can give you an idea about the type of things your contribution goes towards.

We are the only grassroots organization operating in the field of rolling out dental outreaches which is a not for profit entity in Nepal. This means that dental volunteer contributions do not end up in shareholders’ pockets; nor do we buy company cars, rent trendy offices or appoint flashy public relations consultants or advertising agencies.

  • The essential costs associated with running our community based oral health care projects
  • The upkeep of our modest office
  • Researching and developing new projects ( out of endless list of deserving villages)
  • Building partnerships with the village councils, women groups, farmer’s clubs, village’s youth groups, cultural /sports clubs, religious groups, tribal councils, schools, local forest users groups, NGOs, etc.
  • Highlighting threats to endangered wildlife and habitats
  • Training and sponsoring of 2 female grass-roots oral heal care givers (Barefoot Dentists)
  • Developing the skills and capacity of our hardworking and popular teams of field staff

Because we don’t have to allocate profits to shareholders, we’re able to invest more in project development and are able to offer you an unparalleled selection of top quality opportunities at the most competitive prices – no other organization comes close. We can also invest more in our existing projects, providing them with better resources, the best staff and equipment and widening the scope of their activities and improving their impact.




Last updated: June 16th, 2020


The Enlightenment that speak to this time of coronavirus shutdowns and of health and economic fears.


Travel in response to COVID-19 continues to evolve rapidly. AROUND GOOD PEOPLE is closely monitoring the situation, following the advice of public health experts, and making decisions with our participants, staff, and global community partners at the forefront of every conversation. 


As the world begins to re-open, your wellbeing is our highest priority.

Thanks to the incredible team effort of millions around the world, many countries are beginning to exit their COVID-19 lockdowns and re-open their countries for visitors. While some regions may remain restricted for some months more, we plan to restart our Dental Placement volunteer programs where the local health situation and government advice allows this. AROUND GOOD PEOPLEs volunteers provide invaluable support to our local communities around the underprivileged communities in Nepal. Now more than ever, our volunteerscontributions of time, expertise and local spending money are critically needed to help these communities to get back on their feet.

Since long before COVID-19 began to spread, AROUND GOOD PEOPLE has followed industry-leading procedures to ensure the safety of our volunteers. As our programs start to re-open to volunteers, we will maintain our pledge to keep you safe. In addition to our standard volunteer safety processes, all of our local program teams will be following enhanced procedures we have developed to minimize risks from COVID-19.


Our volunteers should also take personal responsibility for their own health and the safety of others. Please do not travel if you are feeling ill or if there is a risk you may be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 for example, if you have been exposed to an infected individual within the 14 days before you start your AROUND GOOD PEOPLE program.

Most of our volunteers book their trips months in advance, so please take this time to plan for the future. With AROUND GOOD PEOPLE you can register for trips up to three years ahead.


Thank you for your ongoing support of AROUND GOOD PEOPLE and the communities we work within. If theres anything we can do to help you with your travel plans during this time, please get in touch with us for further information, support and guidance.


If you continue scrolling down this page, youll find answers to some of the most common questions the AROUND GOOD PEOPLE team are being asked, including details on which programs will open in the near future under different emerging scenarios.


Please stay safe, be kind, and protect the health of yourself and others, wherever you are in the world.


Rij Baskar

Co-Founder & Chief Executive, AROUND GOOD PEOPLE


Before we continue, let us say:


Thank you to all those on the front lines, the doctors, the nurses, the pharmacists, the first responders, and other medical staff. Youve risked your health to save us. You are the true heroes.

Thank you to everyone working to get us what we need. Without the grocery store employees, the delivery drivers, the warehouse staff, the manufacturing workers, and others who are supporting the relief operation, we wouldnt be able to fight this deadly virus. Without teachers and childcare workers, we couldnt support our youth. You all are the everyday heroes.


Thank you to everyone practicing social distancing and staying at home. Youve done your part to prevent the spread.


For most volunteers, its legally not possible or at least not advisable to go on medical/dental volunteer abroad at this time.


So, in this note, we have highlighted dental volunteer projects in Nepal that you can join after the Coronavirus pandemic has passed and life returns to some sort of normalcy, which we are hoping by the end of September, 2020. See what projects catch your eye, bookmark them, and apply to one later.


With these volunteer programs, use a wait-and-see approach. Because we don’t know when the Coronavirus outbreak will slow. The situation changes rapidly, so it’s hard to plan a Nepal Dental volunteer trip now. If you’re interested in a specific program, stay in touch with us. That way, once things do settle down, you’ll be ready to apply and go to Nepal for a life changing volunteering experience.


Note: Hopefully, the rate of new coronavirus cases slows and effective treatments and a vaccine are developed. There has been much progress already and the way countries and international health organizations have been working together bodes well for all of us. In the meantime, we’ll continually update this guide and our list of Nepal Dental Volunteering Projects as the situation evolves.

Covid Map

Also, regularly check this live map from Johns Hopkins University that tracks the Coronavirus outbreak around the world. This way, you can stay updated on when it’s safe to join   a Nepal Dental Volunteering Project.