Family and friends are more than welcome to enjoy all the opportunities available to you on the placement except the clinical related ones. Fees for such services are calculated on an individual basis and depends on whether or not they require Around Good People to provide accommodation and/or discovery trips. Please have any friends or family fill out a Booking Form which may be requested at outreach[at],

The volunteering placement will be located normally in a remote village/hamlet away from the regular traffic roads. It is best advised to set aside travel/holidaying time either before or after the outreach. AGP offers a value packed holiday/trekking itineraries as add on activity to the outreach placement.

We believe that each part of your international dental volunteering experience works to complement the whole. That’s why we offer a full and balanced international volunteer experience with time built in for guided cultural activities, solo adventures, cultural exchange, and personal reflection. Whether you’re engaging in guided discussions on relevant local issues, or find yourself elbow deep in rice flour and learning how to cook an authentic dal-bhat or momo, every organized cultural activity will offer you a deeper understanding of the community and all of its beautiful complexities. Our cultural experience in the village is very immersive and expansive and every day there is something to do, be it milking a cow/buffalo, making nepali pasty, weaving a bamboo basket, or simply ploughing a field, partaking a folk dance and simply donning ethnic Nepali costume – is a fare away from the touristic chores and helps one understand the cultural milieu of the gentle and resilient people!

Free time is available on some mornings, most evenings, and every weekend if you are not interested in a cultural activity that is scheduled for the day. So whether you choose to go it alone or set out exploring with a crew of your fellow volunteers, every Around Good People destination offers plenty of time and tons of options for some off-the-charts excursions.

You will be charged for any activities beyond that which is included on your itinerary (village cultural immersive activity is not charged). Most students find the full placement sufficient and don’t require any further activities. For those wishing to participate in non-Itinerary activities (i.e. para gliding, etc.), the cost will be itemized and added to your final invoice. Please refer to the Itineraries sections for each placement to see what is and is not included in each placement option.

Cultural activities are organized by Around Good People and included in every volunteer experience. They are designed to give you a unique insight into your new community, so whether you’re participating in an engaging conversation with a local expert, visiting a cultural landmark, learning a new language, or practicing traditional dance, each cultural activity will offer you a new level of understanding and genuine opportunities for cultural exchange.

You will need a sleeping bag for the village outreach, however for the hotel stays in Kathmandu/Pokhara the same is not reuired.

You and your fellow volunteers will be served three wholesome, organic meals a day. Meals will vary in every destination, and always include a variety of healthy and delicious local cuisine. Vegetarian options are regularly available at all Home-Bases and our Around Good People cooks are happy to accommodate for any dietary restriction.

Absolutely! We have tons of experience with food allergies and dietary restrictions, having supported scores of international volunteers. Whether you’re vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, have peanut allergies, or anything else, just let us know beforehand and we’ll make sure you’re covered. Our in-country cooks, who prepare delicious home-cooked meals, have specific training in food restrictions and allergies, food safety standards, and are experienced in preparing meals for a variety of preferences.