About us

About us

Around Good People is a non-profit and Grassroots Oral Healthcare Advocacy Activists, bringing a unique community-led bespoke oral health care delivery outreaches in the remote unserviced communities of mountainous rural Nepal, in collaboration with international dental/oral health professionals and students. This unique student-led self-sustaining initiative has been bringing about oral health care delivery, servicing thousands of people, at no charge, throughout the mountain communities of Nepal for past three years. The overall experience for the volunteering students and the empowered communities has been spectacularly successful and distinctive.

AGP brings together supervising dentists and staff trained in Nepal with international dental volunteers who come to share in 10 days/2 week programmes that provide essential treatment to those who need it most. The outreach provides access to the beautifully rich culture of the Nepali people and a chance to explore the outdoors and breathtaking Himalayas. Facilitating free dental treatment for the local people is key, whilst also ensuring that our volunteers have every opportunity to make the most of what Nepal has to offer!

In every community in which we work, we have long-standing relationships with local organizations who communicate real-time needs and objectives to the Around Good People Team. Since early 2014, we’ve made the (dental placements) volunteer abroad experience of a lifetime possible for hundreds of International Dentistry/Oral Health Care student/professional adventurers just like you and with our passionate ground staff and social activists working for oral health care in the remote mountain villages of Nepal, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the full experience—a safe, immersive, and impacting dentistry experience/adventure of a lifetime.


Seeding the power of optimism through the goodness of community dental volunteering.


Our vision is to set up sustainable community oral health projects in every school in the remotest corners of mountain Nepal, replicating our current, highly impactful service delivery model. We intend to scale up and establish 20 additional projects in the next two years and 50 in the subsequent three years. Further, we want to bring oral health care delivery to the underserviced mountain communities through the dental outreach volunteering projects template to cover another 15,000 patients in next 5 years, in partnership with international dental schools and volunteering students.

Core Functions

Activate, Implement and Support: Design, develop and customize volunteering projects to scale up participation of more students and practitioners as a principal pillar of Experiential Learning model

Monitor/Surveillance: Monitor the burden of disease, risk factors, preventive services, and other associated factors.

Research: Support public oral health research that directly applies to policies and programs.

Communications: Communicate timely and relevant information to impact policy, practices, and programs.

Preventive strategies: Support the implementation and maintenance of effective strategies and interventions to reduce the burden of oral diseases and conditions.

Stakeholder infrastructure: Build capacity and infrastructure for sustainable, effective, and efficient oral health programs.



  • Prevent and control dental caries across the life stages with particular focus on school going children in Nepal
  • Prevent and control periodontal diseases
  • Prevent and control oral and pharyngeal cancers and their risk factors
  • Eliminate disparities in oral health
  • Promote prevention of disease transmission in dental health care settings
  • Increase state oral health program infrastructure capacity and effectiveness
  • Increase use of cross-cutting policy development and translational  approaches to promote oral health
  • Assure an efficient and effective organization
  • Augment and foster the tenets of Experiential Learning by adhering to the protocols of ADEA & ADA for such international dental volunteering outreach projects.

Our Mission

The mission of Around Good People is to address the inadequate gap in oral healthcare infrastructure in Nepal. We believe that both the social need of the unprivileged/marginalised mountain communities and the continued experiential learning needs of the dentistry students can combine well. We also want to bring fully qualified dental professionals to understand just how vital their training is and provide them with a culturally enriching experience of a lifetime. We strive to bring the international dental volunteer community who can meet the basic dental care needs of the resource-poor Nepal in a sustainable way. We want to show that the synergy between international volunteerism and empowered grassroots level initiative can be a viable model, and a tool that can cross over into a viable social good.


AGP respects honesty within and outside the organisation. We practice ethical business principles in dental outreach, medicine, treatment, law and spirit, and strives for patient/partner delight. Fostering leadership and volunteerism is the essence of our growth. Through continuous collaboration with the partner communities and the overseas volunteers, we are always striving for innovation, research, networking, knowledge sharing and alliance, to bring the best dental outreach in the uncovered areas of mountain Nepal. Around Good People strives to excel and stay ahead.