The part about clinic set up- the activity at the end of project and travel opportunities I think were absolutely fantastic. It just depends on the individuals' amount of available time to travel as well.

Didn't know what to expect but it was a great sense of adventure. AGP people are fantastic, especially Neharika, Umang and Sujit. The dentist we had, Sudeep was also fantastic as well.

The clinical set-up within the village was quite impressive itself, however there were a few shortages of crucial supplies such as syringes that can load disposable cartridges (not ones that you have to manually aspirate), ultrasonic scaler units, slow speed handpieces, etch and also dental materials used for deep fillings (such as calcium hydroxide or even ledermix) --> there are many teeth that could be saved despite the deep caries; but could only be extracted as attempting the filling may give the patient significant post-operative pain.

Accomodation - during transit was fine, even within the village, it was more than adequate, wasn't really expecting too much to be honest.

Food was fantastic; although I guess within Nepalese culture, there is a lot of sugar added to foods and drinks with lots of carbs so I gained a lot of weight

AGP did a fantastic job with the logistics and everything behind the scene; but the idea of an Australian dentist and a Nepalese dentist working together with Australian students seems like a great collaborative opportunity.

Advise to future volunteers - Be adaptable and open; don't focus too much on a university mindset; I feel like even when treating patients in Australia, or in Nepal, it is very different to a university setting; everything is much more of a practical nature (less theoretical) and you need to be flexible in your treatment approach.

Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering
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