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Project Overview

Project Overview

Around Good People conducts a series of 10 days/ 14 days/ 21 days long outreach/dental volunteering programs to Nepal throughout the year for participants from all over the world. For Australian/New Zealand students, these trips are conducted in groups of 10-14 across November until the end of February of every year and are open to all dentists and dental/oral hygiene students that have done at least 2 years of dentistry/oral hygiene education in an approved Australian/New Zealand institution.

These will be supervised placements assisted by Nepalese dental assistants and on-ground dentists from the associated Nepalese dental hospitals. Within a group of 12/14 volunteers, pairs will be assigned (a more experienced dentist/senior student with a 2nd year student) and under the supervision of 2/4 dentists from the partner hospital in Kathmandu, will be able to treat Nepalese individuals who have very little to no access to dental care (children, women, the elderly and those with a disability) at no cost. The outreach clinical activities include but are not limited to treatment planning, OHI, restorations, extractions, sterilization and pharmacy.

The organisation endeavours that every participant regardless of their current skill level get equal hands on exposure to procedures over the 10 days’ period. The volunteers will be lodged in tents, home-stays and programme house collectively and catered to by the catering team with the intention that participants are able to socialize and share communal living for a more enriching and rewarding experience. All fees contributed by volunteers will be completely ploughed into the project.

The Programme Fee covers everything including the ground costs of surface transportation, food, accommodation, clinic supplies/operation/supervision. The domestic flight cost and flight costs to Nepal and back is not included. However we would be able to work out a bulk deal if enough of the volunteers got involved.

Join International-Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering Projects, Summer 2018

10 days of supervised Experiential-Learning dental outreach project this summer in a culturally immersive environment run by student-centric grassroots not-for-profit organisation




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