Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

With Around Good People, you don’t pay to volunteer. You pay to get the ground costs of the free dental outreach for the poor villagers going. Also you pay for the assurance of living in a safe and comfortable tent, home stay or the Home-Base; an opportunity to be completely immersed in a warm and welcoming community, and perhaps to find the family that you never knew you had.

Your program fee enables us to create an incredible first class mobile dental clinic with all the facilities of a clinic with complete dental clinic supplies. Your fees also funds the breadth of Cultural Activities, from language and cooking lessons, to exclusive lectures on local culture and history. You’ll pay so that the ingredients necessary for the Around Good People cook to prepare authentic, healthy cuisine are purchased locally, and to ensure that the trusty passenger van safely transporting you to and from your volunteer project each day is ready for the job. The contribution of your program fee is an investment in your international experience, and in the local economy in a community that you’ll soon call home.

What does the program fee include? Do I need to budget for any additional expenses?

The program fee includes everything, but your airfare and free time activities. Want to see the full package? Read more here. We’ve created our program fee specifically so it’s inclusive for all of your in-country expenses. What does that mean? Accommodations in the tent, home stays and Home-Base within the local community, delicious meals prepared by local cooks, unlimited safe drinking water, all of your activities including Cultural Activities and language lessons, and of course the full support and guidance of our in-country staff of local nationals. The fee also includes the ground handling charges of the temporary clinic, our partner dental hospital consultancy, supervisory charges, wages/salaries for the staff and the dental supplies including medicines at the clinic including that of the logistics and dismantling activities. We also provide transportation to and from the airport and your volunteer project. And most importantly, we arrange and support you throughout a meaningful volunteer assignment that is designed based on the needs of the community. All in all, you get almost as many years of experience from the leading organization in the field. We virtually invented this kind of dental outreach volunteering placements. You get an unmatched safety record that includes 24-hour security and supervision, and the peace of mind to know that our experience informs safety measures in areas that you’d never think to ask about. And, you get our track record on providing quality programs. Overwhelmingly, we hear that “volunteering with Around Good People changed my life.” So the only expenses that you need to think about are airfare to and from your home country to the country where you’ll be volunteering, any visa and any funds for personal expenses on the program, such as long-distance phone calls or souvenirs.

When can we pay the fees ?

Once you fill the registration/application form and submit to us, the same is processed and relevant approval is obtained from the concerned agencies. Thereafter, you will get the Approval Letter and the Invoice for the programme fee which falls due immediately. Once you pay up the requisite fee a final confirmation is send out in the form of Volunteer’s Handbook to help you further plan for the trip. You will also get to know the other members in your group through a dedicated page in AGP Facebook.

Can you provide me with a cost breakdown?

We are for non-profit organization, I am sorry to say we do not supply cost breakdowns, in the same way that no other volunteering organisations will provide them. Our charges are based on the cost of the individual placements, commissions paid to our representatives, overheads (past, present and future), a rescue fund for students who find themselves in trouble, our charitable activities and our profits, most of which are ploughed back into developing better and more extensive placements. If it is any consolation to you, none of the administrative people running the organization have drawn any salary for the past 2 years, as it is a pure volunteering work for them.

What if we cannot go on our volunteering placement?

In the unfortunate event of being unable to go on the volunteering placement (either due to a change in circumstances or not passing exams) then except or your registration fees, Around Good People will refund all of your payment and nothing will be deducted if the cancellation is made within 60 days from the date of the outreach commencement. 60 % fee will be deducted if the cancellation is made within 30 days from the date of the outreach. There will be no refund if the cancellation is less than 30 days from the date of commencement of the outreach, as AGP would have incurred considerable investment in advance to hold your spot for preparing your participation. Marshalling the organization of the outreach in a logistically challenging nightmarish environment required an advance planning requiring holding down of many linkages in the process. Pulling out of 1 volunteer from the planned outreach will mean a huge setback to the logistics preparedness.

Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering
Impact 2014 - 2017

Free screening, prevention, diagnosis & treatment of dental diseases.


Hours of volunteering by 382 professionals & students


Procedures on 21061 patients


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