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Around Good People volunteers come from around the world, so we allow you the flexibility in determining the flight that works best for you. Once you arrive in-country, you’ll be greeted at the airport by an Around Good People staff member—right at the arrivals gate—who’ll transport you in an Around Good People vehicle to the Home-Base/transfer hotel. Since many of the volunteers arrive on the same start date, you’ll often be on a flight with other volunteers, and we connect you with those volunteers and their parents well in advance of the program, so that you can plan to fly together, if you wish.

Around Good People requires your full flight details including the name of the airline, flight number, name of departure/arrival airport with time and date of the destination. We only require the last leg of your flight details (i.e. the flight that arrives into Nepal) and not all of the connecting flights. It is also useful to know the flight details for your departure journey (i.e. only the flight that leaves the elective host country and not all of the connecting flights). Upon making a reservation, you will find a form that allows you to register your flight details with us.

Students generally buy flights from between 6 and 2 months before their expected arrival onto the volunteering program. Most airline companies do not publish flights over 8 months in advance, so there is little point looking around for deals prematurely. A lot of people believe that the earlier you book flights, the cheaper they’ll be. This is not entirely true, as a lot of airlines reduce the fares having published them for a few months.

Join International-Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering Projects, Summer 2018

10 days of supervised Experiential-Learning dental outreach project this summer in a culturally immersive environment run by student-centric grassroots not-for-profit organisation




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