What documentation do we need to provide Around Good People?

Normally we need, your current MIPS coverage letter, a copy of the current/valid passport, your university/dental school ID copy, Recommendation Letter, a Statement of Purpose and a current passport size photograph. You can request for a waiver at: outreach[at]aroundgoodpeople.com

Any additional documentation is placement specific. Each location requires something slightly different (e.g. if the outreach is within the areas of the protected National Park territory, etc.) . Around Good People will inform you on exactly what documentation is required. Most documents can be scanned and sent via email.

Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering
Impact 2014 - 2016

Free screening, prevention, diagnosis & treatment of dental diseases.


Hours of volunteering by 278 professionals & students


Procedures on 15317 patients


Students from 52 Schools