I felt very comfortable knowing that we would be looked after by AGP. I think this feeling of security came from having a friend who had gone on a trip in previous years who gave me an idea of what to expect. I also think that all the information you provided on your website is reassuring and presented professionally, especially the youtube videos of past trips which again, gave a rough idea of what the trip was about. Your association with MIPS is fantastic too, as I felt I would have a well respected insurance company taking care of me too. However, I had no idea that you guys existed until I heard about it from a friend. Perhaps for advertising via social media, through university or dental newsletters/magazines/notices would be beneficial in promoting yourselves.

Did I feel benefitted from this project? Absolutely. Especially as I hadn't seen patients previously, there were huge challenges that I was able to overcome, which inspires confidence in myself and makes seeing patients in the future much less daunting. This was a great environment to learn in as well; the other volunteers were so supportive and answered every one of my questions without judgement, the dentists believed in our ability to apply the skills that we've only been able to use on mannequins at home, on patients. It also opened my eyes to how lucky we are at home to have such high quality equipment and so many infection control protocols to keep us and the patient safe.

Nepal Dental Outreach Volunteering
Impact 2014 - 2016

Free screening, prevention, diagnosis & treatment of dental diseases.


Hours of volunteering by 278 professionals & students


Procedures on 15317 patients


Students from 52 Schools