Rural Dental Outreach Elective Projects

Rural Dental Outreach Elective Projects

Dental Outreach Projects in Rural Areas


10 days to 21 days project

What to expect?

A village community dental outreach volunteering project is housed in a temporary make-shift dental clinic in a local community building or a school, mentored by our outstanding fulltime staff of dedicated dentists and other healthcare professionals.

We collaborate with an extensive network of public and private oral health facilities so our volunteers are able to utilize their skills to improve the oral health of the communities they work in while furthering their practical experience.

AGP strives to improve the health of underserved individuals through its various oral hygiene clinics and public health education programs since dental care in a developing country is less common. The lack of sanitation infrastructure and hygiene practices creates a definite need for dental services in these areas, which is why we work hard to collaborate with local community leaders to develop ethical and sustainable community-led initiatives that address the root causes of disease and illness. . We have a marquee pioneering programme of ‘Barefoot Dentist’ of empowering the local community to help themselves in a sustainable oral healthcare delivery model.

Around Good People are experienced in supporting students on their Electives. We are able to coordinate with your university to ensure the requirements for your Dentistry Elective are met. We can also help with any paperwork you may have to submit. Your supervisors both at the village outreach project and the hospital will be fully qualified and is experienced in mentoring Elective students. For example, they will be available to discuss specific case studies with you for you to submit as part of your elective if required.

You must be a student in dental school to do an Elective placement. You will be required to bring proof that you are an Dental student with you to Argentina, along with any transcripts or certificates that state your previous areas of experience. This paperwork, along with your initiative and outlook, will help build trust with your supervisor. As with any job in the medical profession, proving your knowledge and reliability will ultimately determine your level of responsibility and how much you gain from your experience in Argentina.


Nepal is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Being a developing country with 82 % people of its 30 million people living in the rural villages practicing subsistence farming, the society is beset with the challenges of mismatch in the demand-supply of economic resources for the benefits of her people. As a result like in any developing country, here the health care delivery is abysmal. And oral health care delivery is almost non-existent. In a country where dental care is not free, this means that good dental health is something that the majority of the population can ill afford.
A dental elective in a developing country provides you with an opportunity for significant hands on experience, under supervision. Students get to see more complicated and advanced cases that are rarely seen in a developed healthcare setting.

Our dentistry elective immerses one into the dentistry practice in a unique setting where dental cases are presented at an advanced stage (unlike in developed countries). Dental care is expensive and not easily accessible by many.

Some of the activities one can participate while on dentistry elective placement include basic dental care including gum treatment for bleeding and swollen gums, restorative dentistry (oral hygiene advice, permanent filling in decayed teeth, the extraction of erupted teeth and the removal of fractured roots, management of traumatic injuries of the teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth, orthodontic treatment, root canal treatment, replacement of missing teeth by removable dentures, fixed bridges and implants; in village dental outreach medicines are also dispensed).


  • Immersive Hospital Shadowing
  • Ethical, Not-For-Profit Program Model
  • 24/7 Support from Expert Mentors
  • Access to All Specialty Departments
  • Travel & Accident Insurance
  • Global Health Education Programs
  • Recognized Credential
  • Graduate School Admissions Support